Advantages Provided by the Interactive Brokers for 2022

In the beginning of year, it is good to make new beginning in career. In case you look for opportunities to gain profits, you can consider trading. Trading is good choice to start a new path. It brings good chances to gain profits and it can be huge profits. Of course, it still has risks that should get attention. There are many trading instrument, and forex becomes one of the promising instruments. This has fast pace and it will be suitable when you are quite diligent to monitor the progress and movement of forex market. In this case, you need good choice of broker. Interactive Brokers for 2022 can become good choice when you want to start forex trading. Of course, you need to check the trading companies before you use its services.

There are many new brokers that appear recently. It is because many people are more interested in trading, including the forex trading. However, Interactive Brokers is not one of them. Instead, the broker is senior players in trading business. The company has started its business and operation since 1977. It has long experiences and it still provides the business until now. It surely shows that it is powerful and reliable enough to run its business so it can last for many years. Interactive Brokers also becomes one the most popular investment companies in US. It shows that it already has reputations so you will not need to doubt its reliability and it is absolutely trusted broker. As for its regulators, Interactive Brokers are regulated by three main regulators. There are US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and also the UK Financial Regulatory Authority (FCA). These three regulators are famous among trusted and reliable regulators in trading business. There are also other regulators and financial commissions that regulate the broker.

Interactive Brokers is reliable forex broker. It provides options of currency pairs. However, in fact the broker is more famous as in stock trading since it becomes the basic instrument in the brokerage company. There are also CFD, metals, indices, and even cryptocurrency. Although it may be old broker, it still keeps up with the trend. It is also proven by the awards received by Interactive Brokers. In 2020, Interactive Brokers got award of Best Online Broker from Barron’s and Best Broker for Economical Investments from NerdWallet. In addition to its many instruments that can be found in the broker, it supports many currencies. It shows that its services are available in many countries. It is not only limited in United States, but it also delivers the services in European and Asian countries.

There are many benefits offered by Interactive Brokers. It has wide range of accesses to more than 135 markets and these are available in 33 countries. Then, it is good option of broker for the new traders or beginners. It is because it provides many training materials. The materials will be very useful for novice traders so they will be able to learn while trading. Even, it does not set specific minimum deposit so it is more useful for the beginners. Of course, it has various benefits for professional and experienced traders since the broker itself already gain various experiences through years of services.

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