Facebook Ad Reviews – How To Get Your Ads Approved Faster?

We know that Facebook is a very large marketplace and every business owner uses this platform to advertise their brand, products, and services. However, if you are not aware of the advertising policies of this platform, you are not targeting the ads correctly and chances are that your ads will be kept under review for a long time.

You need to figure out what content is allowed when you are planning to run a Facebook ad campaign if you want that all your ads to get approved without undergoing multiple rejection cycles.

If you have tried everything and yet are failing to get your ad approved, you must take help from a professional FaceBook advertising agency such as Australian Internet Marketing. They manage your Facebook ad campaign professionally so that your ads are approved instantly and are targeted to the right segment of users. They have in-depth knowledge of all the technical steps that are required to make a financially rewarding ad campaign.

Process of Facebook ads review and how to speed it up

On the outside, ad review is a simple three-step process wherein you create a new ad or edit an existing one, submit it for review, and you receive notification regarding the approval or rejection of your ad.

Every time you edit your ads such as a change in the image or video content of the ad, or change in target audience selection, or changes made in the billing events, it will trigger the Facebook review for your ad. At times, the automated process will approve your ad instantly. However, when Facebook will review it manually, they can reject it even after a couple of days.

The average review time is generally 24 hours. However, this time greatly varies from a few minutes to days. You can use the following tips to expedite this process to a certain extent:

  • Ads posted for review on weekdays between 8 in the morning to 8 in the night are generally the preferred time for expediting the review process.
  • If you have a good history of many approved ads in your favor, chances are your ads will be easily approved. So, keep up with the consistency.
  • Do not stretch to the edge of the Facebook rules if you want to save time. Follow them diligently.
  • During the holiday seasons, try to make ad submissions for review 2 weeks prior.

Facebook rules that must be followed to get faster approvals

  1. Advertising prohibited products is a strict No:
  • There are many prohibited content rules laid by Facebook that you must follow.
  • The sale of tobacco products, illegal and psychoactive drugs, steroids, and growth hormones are prohibited on Facebook.
  • Ads focusing on multi-level marketing and misleading financial products are also prohibited.
  • The sale of weapons and arms is also a strict No.
  1. Similar rules are applicable for restricted product lists:
  • While you should never advertise the list of products mentioned, some products are in the restricted list category and should be advertised with utmost care.
  • Alcohol and the sale of over-the-counter drugs are under the restricted item list.
  • Online dating and gambling sites should be very stringent with their ad contents.
  • The same is true for cryptocurrencies and financial products.
  • You should also follow government regulations while posting ads that focus on a social or political issue.
  1. Do not use content that is misleading, adult content, or controversial statements:
  • Ads with quick weight loss or get rich quick schemes are misleading and are often disapproved.
  • Sexually explicit content should not be used and also graphics related to violence should not be used in your ad content.
  • Any controversial political topic must be avoided.
  1. Design your landing page appropriately:
  • A landing page that is disruptive or non-functional lowers the quality of your ads and could leave to rejection of your ad.
  • Your landing page should be able to reinforce the idea of your ad content.
  1. Use brand image and endorsements carefully:
  • Do not use your brand image prominently in the ad content.
  • You cannot use Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp as endorsements for your brand.

Keep yourself updated with upcoming changes each month. Give yourself time for some brainstorming sessions, get creative, and use truthful content and chances are that you will have to face very few rejections if any at all.

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