What is Cloud Marketing?

Companies are marketing themselves online now more than ever, using webpages, social media strategies, and brand marking to get to consumers in different ways. Traditionally, you would have had to go to a company’s website yourself to see their information or buy their products. Now, the website comes to you.

For example, have you ever done a Google search for dog toys, and then two hours later an ad for a pet store is seen on your social media feed? That’s cloud marketing, and since your social media feed is important to you, you pay more attention to the ad and probably will buy your dog toys there.

Personal Marketing

Businesses can rely on things like newspaper advertisements or business emails to get through the clutter of today’s world. For many people, if it isn’t personal to them, then it doesn’t hold their attention. By engaging in a conversation with customers and showcasing their wares in ways that make the customer feel listened too, it increases the odds to buy.

Once a business knows how to connect personally to its customers, then it can quickly outreach in ways that are meaningful to them. If you know that your audience is mostly mothers, then you can tailor your messages to them and direct them to special deals.

Cheap and Fast

You don’t have to print several hundred newsletters, send them through the mail, and then wait anywhere from a few days to a week. Even with all that effort, a response might not come. Those days are gone, and instead, you can type up a quick email or social media post, then tap one button to make sure that your audience sees it.

Then responses or answers flood to you just as quickly, and then they turn into sales. Who doesn’t love that?

Pick Your Channel, Pick Your Tool

There are two things you need to make content marketing work for you. A channel is a way to get the message out, and a tool to keep things easier. So, a channel might be your email newsletter to your audience of subscribers, and your tool to manage all the emails could be any free email handler. Of course, there’s a lot of tech that has to work right, but companies like Total Uptime exist to make sure the tools you need are always available and working properly so you can just focus on marketing.

It’s tempting to want to go and grow everywhere, but first, you need to pick one channel for your business and start your cloud marketing there. Once you attract an audience, you can start looking for other opportunities to grow. You might even be able to leverage one audience off of the other and expand that way.

Everyone’s Doing It

Companies live and die based on their marketing strategies and keeping themselves relevant to their audience. So, if your business doesn’t have a cloud marketing plan in place to connect with your audience, then you need one. It’s easy to set up and even easier to start pumping out content. Then you can get to sharing your goods and services with the world.

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