How to Integrate Typography Trends into Your Web Design

From creative flair to blackboard scribbles, there are some intriguing typography web design trends to look out for in the upcoming year, and thus some styles which you should certainly consider utilizing on your website.

Careful contemplation needs to be given to typography when designing a website. This encompasses all of the fonts you see on a web page — from the main headline, to the small print at the bottom of the screen, to quotations, to boxed text and much more. Typography is essential because it plays a key role regarding how attractive the website looks, how easy the information is to read and where the visitor’s eyes avert to first. Additionally, typography plays a key role in how you can go about your website marketing efforts.

Typography will surpass images

2020 is going to be the year where typography becomes a lot of websites’ main attraction instead of images. The clever utilization of fonts as a visual can be highly effective, as it can attention-grabbing, innovative and intriguing if done correctly. For example, if you have a business which sells cars, then the web design specialist you hire could take an outline of a vehicle and fill it with words relevant to your company and the industry. The words will cleverly encompass a combination of different fonts, different sizes and different colors.

Go back to school and get out your blackboard

It is predicted that in the upcoming year, white fonts scribbled on a blackboard type background will continue to flourish. You can utilize several different handwritten fonts and text bubbles to create an added dimension, which will add more intrigue and highlight certain elements of your webpage. This trend is something which is already establishing itself in mobile web design and apps more specifically. It is something which is incorporated into the skeuomorphism trend, and displays its development from the likes of an online calendar being made to look like the real thing to more innovative interpretations.

Aborting traditions and embracing new web design trends

For a long time now traditional and simplistic fonts, such as Arial and Garamond, have been at the forefront of website design. However, as 2020 comes so does a wave of interest in more creative, elaborate and unique designs. These do not have to be incorporated in all elements of text on your website, but should certainly be considered for areas of highlight, such as titles. You should spend time searching font galleries and looking for unique and one-of-a-kind designs. As long as they are reflective of your brand image then they’ll have a remarkable effect. For example, if you sell kids’ toys, then vintage antique fonts will look misplaced.

All in all, when seeking a website design specialist, you need someone who recognizes and adapts to the latest trends in typography. You can use the above trends and information for inspiration. If you need more examples, do not be afraid to head to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest and do some digging into the different fonts that are available.

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