Movavi Screen Recorder Apps for Any Occasion is your tool to record online live VR webinars

Virtual Reality is certainly one of the biggest things in the contemporary tech world. The good thing is VR is fast foraying into our everyday online operations for more immersive experience on the web world. A lot of websites today, starting from fashion to real estate, are incorporating VR in their web platforms. Are you too looking forward to work with VR? That’s great and you will find several webinars online that impart expert insights about working with Virtual Reality. But what if you are down with an urgent task during the screening of the live online webinar on VR? Does that mean you can’t catch the webinar? Certainly not and you have Movavi Screen Recorder Apps for Any Occasion to help you here. It’s a online video screen recorder with audio which enables you to capture both the visual and sound.

The post below shares how to record the live streaming VR webinar with sound with Movavi Screen Recorder Apps for Any Occasion.

Step 1

Download & install Movavi Screen Recorder in your PC.

Step 2

Then, you will have to set capture parameters of the video. Open the page where the webinar will be played. Now, draw capture frame right over video to specify desired recording area. Make sure to adjust your frame in regards to size and angle of video window.

Now, click on System Audio symbol. It will help you to capture the video with sound. Proceed to the next step only if the icon lights up in green.

Step 3

Look for REC tab and click on it. Wait for 3 seconds and then hit on Play tab. It will immediately start the recording of your VR webinar. After you are done with the recording, click on Stop button to conclude the recoding process. Your recorded webinar will be saved in MKV format by default.

Step 4

Do you have to convert the recorded video? The MKV format is great but it comes with large file size. In case, you are planning to play the recorded video in mobile devices, you have to reduce the size of the recorded video file. So, click on Save As & choose desired setting. You can also take a look at More presets list for more formats. Then, simply click on Save to save your recorded video in your preferred format.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder Apps for Any Occasion

  • Records live streaming videos, Skype calls, online tutorials
  • Captures videos in HD in 1080p
  • Allows to create gaming walkthroughs by capturing in-game footage
  • Ability to perform a large number of editing tasks on recorded video
  • Grabs sound from multiple sources including system audio, microphone, desktop and that too simultaneously
  • Supports all popular video formats and can convert recorded video into any format

Useful tips for users

If you want to send the webinar to your juniors with your narrations on the recorded video, make sure to click on microphone icon before recording.

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