Precautions when buying a second-hand iPhone

Since iOS 7 and the blocking of iCloud are available, we have read many comments from readers who are scammed because they bought a second-hand iPhone and it turns out to be a stolen machine, and blocked with iCloud, with which nothing can be done. In that case the only thing that can be done is to denounce the scam, as it would be with any other theft, but for readers who have not yet bought a second-hand iPhone, it is useful to know what steps to take to avoid, as far as possible, that they deceive you. Following are few important precautions to take in to account to Buy Used iPhone.

  1. The first thing is to have the possibility to check that the iPhone works well… not only that it turns on, but that it can be used. Does the touch screen work well in all its areas? Can you unlock without putting a key? This may seem obvious, but it is not so. It is relatively common for someone to want to sell an iPhone that has slight problems. Above all, check that the Homeand Power buttons, as well as the volume and mute buttons, work properly.
  2. is it restored or does it have someone else’s Apps? If you have someone else’s Apps, obviously you have to delete them all, as well as your email settings and other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. If the iPhone is not restored but the person who wants to sell it has no problem giving it to you that means it is stolen. No one gives their iPhone to another person if it contains private information. Check that you have NOTHING configured before making the economic transaction. If you cannot, do not buy it.
  1. Check if you have an associated iCloud account. This can be done by going to the Settings App-> iCloud-> Account. If an account appears there, ask to have it deleted. If you cannot, do not buy it.

Also check below that Find my iPhone is disabled. If it is activated or if the seller can not remove the iCloud account, it is probably a stolen iPhone.

  1. Ask about that person’s contact information. If someone sells you an iPhone, and then there is a problem, it is logical to want to contact him. If he do not give his mobile number, or an email thanks to which you can try talking to him if the iPhone breaks the next day, then do not buy the machine. Having your contact data is no guarantee, and also can be false (in fact it is very likely) but at least complicates things a lot of friends of other people have to prepare those things. In general, it is not a good idea to buy a second-hand iPhone, because it does not cover any guarantee. When an iPhone is very cheap, it is usually because it has some problem. If it is sold to you by someone you know, a friend, then it is obviously much safer and more reliable.
  2. Check that iPhone is free. That means that you can use any mobile phone operator that has nothing to do with blocking iCloud, but with blocking the SIM card. If you can not use a SIM card from your mobile phone operator, do not buy it. The only way to check it is by putting your SIM card and seeing and getting a signal.

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