Few of the Best Video Game Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


With Vivid graphics, enhanced MMORPG and integration of new technology that enhance video game experience continues players of all ages, video game industry is booming.


  1. All Gen Gamers

This one is particularly for gamers who enjoy retro gaming. With plenty of nostalgia and feedback for vintage game collectors this is the right blog.  They discuss even modern games in between and the group covers all game systems. A fourth guest host rotates in each week to keep things fresh.

  1. Big Red Barrelcast

This podcast stands out as the hosts themselves have opposing viewpoints about gaming and debate each other about them. Though they clearly stay away from in depth game strategies and keep it light. This is the flagship podcast of bigredbarrel.com

  1. Drunken Gamers Radio

Just as the name says, this podcast is purely entertaining.  With a considerable amount of swearing that is combined with drunken commentary this podcast promises to make your day.

In an unpredictable manner gaming is definitely discussed though. It’s always spontaneous with this drunken group

  1. Giant Bombcast

The playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks, humor and gaming of course, have made this a unique podcast among  video game community. A combination of in-depth gaming knowledge and attractive dialogues creates interests in the audience and keep them coming back for more.

  1. Sarcastic Gamer Podcast

This video game podcast is based on satire and parodies. The podcast is filled with comedy, attention grabbing news and laugh out loud sketches.

  1. ScrewAttack’s Sidescrollers

This podcast is a weekly video podcast that covers general video game news and delivers plenty of laughs along with it.  A fast paced and entertaining video podcast week in and week out.

  1. Super Joystiq

This podcast is split into two segments where first tends to highlight gaming reviews and previews and the second half moves into gaming news. The result is a comprehensive video game podcast that fuses fun with interesting detail.

  1. The Game Informer Show

This is one great grandfather of video game podcast.  Hence they know what they talk abt.

  1. The Indoor Kids

The one feature of this podcast is that it’s hosts are married to each  other.  As a couple who loves  video games they bring comedy and gaming guests to keep a lively format to their show.

  1. Three Moves Ahead

This podcast is hosted by a crew of seriously passionate gamers. Their involvement of industry guests discussions on game design and general opinion on war and strategy games are the basis of the show.

  1. Video Game Jocks

A group of regular guys that bring humour and ribbing along the game review that aren’t always featured in other podcasts.

Keep in mind that this round-up is completely subjective and there are plenty of other gaming podcasts that others may prefer over what has been shared. The best part is listening into these podcasts will also give you an insight as to where people buy and sell used video games. Visit us today and experience some of the best retro and used video games like never before!

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