How a Christian Can Optimally Benefit from Being a Church Member

Christians heavily rely upon the word of God for spiritual nourishment and growth. The art of attending church and fellowships is one of the core traditions of Christianity that has been around since the establishment of the faith during the early apostles’ times. For optimal spiritual growth, Christians are encouraged to, among other things; undertake certain habitual that would guarantee them to grow their faith from one level to another.

Taking Notes of Teachings

As outlined above, attending church is the primary means by which a Christian can achieve spiritual nourishment. The summons delivered by pastors and Sunday speakers normally come in handy as far as ensuring that the church attendant gets to know the word of God. However, attending church alone is not sufficient to guarantee that the Christian would benefit from the life-changing word of god. As a good Christian, one is supposed to jot down the key points as delivered by the speaker of the day. Such sermon notes, as recorded on Sundays, normally come a long way to help the Christian remind themselves of what they were spoken unto.  The notes can be utilized for future reference when teaching others or when seeking refreshment from previous teachings.

Attending Fellowships Often

Besides attending church and taking notes, a good Christian is called upon to fellowship with others as a primary means of ensuring they undergo spiritual growth. Fellowships are designed to have persons give their personal testimony of how the word of God has transformed their life, and how their walk of faith is fairing. Such form of sharing the word of God amongst each other normally comes in handy as far as encouraging one another is concerned. Most fellowships normally occur in the middle of the week and involve a couple of people in a neighborhood. Being conducted in the house of one of the congregants gives each person within the fellowship group an opportunity to encourage the rest; a sure way of building personal confidence and enhancing talents.

Practicing the Word of God

The third highly essential step towards benefiting optimally from church proceedings involves actively practicing every word taught in church. The New Testament church is highly dependent upon the Holy Spirit to whom the speaker on Sundays relies upon for an appropriate message for the church. Regarding the Sunday weekly messages as a directive from the Holy Spirit and practicing the word to the fullest would be the surest way to ensure that a Christian grows in accordance to the will of God. Living by the work involves, among other things, praying regularly and reading the word of God as often as possible.

Being an Active Member of the Local Church

The last essential way to benefit from a Christian’s membership to a church involves being active in other aspects of the church such as philanthropy and other church activities. A church member is only known by their commitment to church-related activities such as partnering with a church in paying various bills or even offering themselves up to do manual jobs such as cleaning the church. Doing so will be deemed as being in obedience to the word of God which calls upon every Christian to offer themselves up as living sacrifices for God’s sake.

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