Making Your Phone Last Longer: The 5 Good Habits You Can Do Starting Now

We now live in a world where everyone’s dependent on their mobile phones. It’s the one gadget we constantly carry around with us — from the second we wake up to the time we go to bed. Another fact is that mobile phones are getting more expensive as technology and design reaches incredible heights and innovation.

We all know the burden of a broken phone. For one, it can disrupt your daily routine. While phone repairs in Salt Lake City are available, remember that not everything can be fixed. It’s not what you do after your phone is broken, but rather, what you do to avoid it from being broken in the first place. Here are great habits to adopt that will help you make your phone last longer:

  1. Use protection – You’ll need a screen protector and a case. There are a lot of choices for both. For example, you can get a tempered glass screen protector that protects your screen from scratches and the glass from breaking. For your phone case, you can now find great shock absorbing and waterproof casesthat will keep your mobile device safe.
  2. Take care of your battery – One of the most common reasons phones die is due to poor battery care. This can either be overcharging or allowing your phone’s battery to drain entirely. Avoid overcharging your phone by monitoring your charging time. As soon as you see that it is charged at 100%, you need to remove the charger. This means no charging your phone overnight. It’s also important to guarantee that your phone doesn’t lose all of its battery to the point that it shuts down entirely. Once you’re at 15% battery life, make it a point to charge your device as soon as possible.
  3. Don’t let it overheat – It’s common for your phone to overheatif you have many apps opened and if you’re using it for long periods of time. You may be playing games on it, using it for social media, or even just watching a video on it. If it’s on for too long, and it is working too hard to accommodate all of your opened apps, then it will overheat. This affects the actual structural components of your phone and can lead to long-term problems, causing it to have a short lifespan.
  4. Watch your memory – If your phone’s memory is too full, it will need to work twice as hard to keep apps running and working. You’ll find that your phone may sometimes hang or apps may suddenly stop. This has negative effects on your phone’s hardware and can also lead to a shortened service life. Make sure that you keep an eye out on your phone’s memory. Delete apps and files you don’t need or use. Be aware of what you download and the memory it consumes.
  5. Get repairs when necessary – There are certain problems with hardware or the phone’s exterior that can be fixed by a quick visit to a phone repair shop. Get your phone checked if there’s a problem you can’t solve. Having it repaired will be far cheaper than having to buy a brand new one.

If you start applying these phone care habits to your everyday routine, you’ll be able to make your phone last longer, and thus, save money on having to replace your phone when it gives up on you. These habits are easy to follow. Be aware of you how you use your phone and how you charge it. You’ll be surprised at how long your gadget can last when handled the right way.


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