SEO Proposal: What You Must Know

If there is a major decision for all companies regarding their digital marketing plan, it’s the decision on whether to hire external SEO agencies or build their own team. When they look at various factors that should be considered, it will be easy to come with a conclusion.

However, after some companies weigh both pros and cons, they end up choosing both options for their business. Working with external advisors and having an in-house team will work together for the success of the business. In case there is a decision that the firm will work with an SEO company, there are steps to be considered:

  • Initial Audit And Review

when you think about a new incumbent SEO firm, the stage will give them the opportunity of reviewing their existing performance, get to identify problems that can be fixed and then come up with a baseline to be used in measuring future SEO efforts.

However, identifying ‘quick wins’ has become something popular for both agencies and clients and the techniques have to be detailed.

  • Identifying Keywords & Prioritizing

It happens the moment SEO start working. This process of keyword identification will allow an SEO firm to do its work in prioritizing the keywords or even keywords themes that are relevant to the business niche.

The clients will be there looking for a quantitative technique that shows the opportunity and returning from SEO. So that it can help make the SEO proposal become specific, you need to ask the SEO firm on the specific product category. Such that the example will be reviewed in the process.

  • Competitor Benchmarking

Like the keyword identification stage, this process of competitor benchmarking will involve picking various competitors in the search results and the client will have to benchmark performance against them.

  • Technical SEO Audit

While dealing with a technical audit, the proposal has to check and ensure that Googlebot or other search engine robot is crawling successfully to index differ pages involving duplicate content, analysis of re-directs, crawler access, source code, and crawler access.

However, it will be difficult basing on the proposal for the client to understand how an agency will be able to process better compared to the other. For you to be specific, you have to consider the part that is challenging in your site.

  • Content Quality Review

For content, it will be involving two parts. One will be on-site and the other will be off-site. When considering onsite, it reviews the effectiveness of the on-site content that includes blogs, product pages, landing pages, on-site search, and support.

Off-site on the other hand is about analyzing where the content will be syndicated or can even be used on other sites where it will be linked to the website of the client.

Final Words

When looking for a process that will help in improvement, there could be a reference to appraisal or review. It will help in understanding whether the search engine optimization agency has an effective process. So, that depends on the report that will be delivered to clients monthly or concrete deliverables that they are committing.

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