Chandelier Cheat Sheet Tips to Choose its Right Size

Chandeliers gives a glorious appeal to any space. In earlier times, only aristocratic abodes used to be lighted with the gleaming candle lit chandeliers. However, today you can visualize loads of chandeliers in different forms in all types of infrastructure. They all are varying in their design, make, style and of course have different usage purpose.

Now, there are numerous popular chandelier sellers, who strive to make their customers happy by providing the most suitable chandeliers fitting rightly in the shopper’s desired parameters. Sofary is one of the leading online shops often visited by the interior decorating artists to buy this product that is quite apt to brighten the whole place.

Here are few interesting facts to know about chandliers

  • They first came to brighten the homes in the end of 9th century. They were simple in design as the main purpose was to hold few candles to illuminate the room. However, the candles used were expensive as they were used to burn for many hours.
  • The word chandelier is of French origin. In French ‘chandelle’ relates to candle.
  • The arrival of 15th century marked considerable changes in the formation of chandeliers as artisans were employed by light decorators. Thus, chandeliers started to appear in various forms and sizes.

Now, in the present times you can find different sizes of chandeliers in all light fixtures and interior décor showrooms. Thus, surely you will remain confused to opt for the right size favoring your room’s interior décor style and your budget. No need for you to be disappoint as you only require handful of tips to choose the perfect size of stunning chandelier.

Here are the tips:

  • The place you need to fix the chandelier.
  • You initially need to decide where to hang them. Whether it will be in your living room, dining room, bedroom, foyer, kitchen space or installed in your open verandah.
  • The height of the chandeliers even varies as per the placement of it in the room. You can hang pendant chandeliers in corners and above your bed a small round shaped chandelier. To stun your dining room place rectangular shape chandeliers hanged using small cords.
  • The size of the room.
  • You can measure the room’s length and width. This helps to know the right height and broadness of chandelier suiting the room.
  • The height of the ceiling.
    • Generally, the height of the ceiling decides the hanging length of the chandelier. The ceilings are quite high in old homes and in mega size foyers where the staircases swirl to reach many floors. There multi layered vintage crystal chandeliers really look enchanting and gorgeous.
    • In modern urban homes where the ceiling is low all trendy style chandeliers of small size looks just awesome.

You just need to buy the right size ones from trusted sources as you can’t compromise on the light fixtures quality. Visit where a lot of dangling, dazzling lights are available that will make your space enchanting.

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