Learn How to Protect Yourself: Read Active Shooter Training PDF

The worst thing that can happen in our offices You can buy complete AR-15 rifles from Palmetto State Armory today deal with problems in case of shooting.

The question is: “Are you ready to fight back so that you can save your life.”

Even though most people think that fighting, back means that you should follow Die Hard script, the reality states that fastest way to deal with it is by checking: https://athena-security.com/active-shooter-training.

In the following link, you will learn why people are considering active shooter training so that they can improve the chances during the terrorist attack.

According to media reports, mass shooting generally occur in commercial areas of business, which means that this particular environment is under more significant risk than any other places such as education environments for instance.

Of course, school shootings are taking more media attention since the children, students, and teens are under attack, but more problems happen in office areas than in any other.

You should have in mind that active shooter is an individual that engages in attempting to kill and killing people in populated areas. The truth is saying that no one knows how to respond in similar situations since our education does not involve this particular aspect of self-defense.

That is the main reason why you should engage in course and education that will prepare you for the worst scenario possible.

1.If You Cannot Escape: Run As Fast As You Can

The best thing that you can do when it comes to an active shooting situation is to choose running to safety as fast as you can. However, if you wish to do it efficiently without running around without plan, you have to be aware of all escape routes and exits inside your business office.

That is the main reason why you have to thoroughly plan this particular situation and have emergency training and drills that will educate people around you to handle issues in case something happens.

You have to plan the escape route and try to locate yourself and find the best place where you can run so that you can stay away from the bullets. In case that shooter is not in your office, you should stay low and try to move to the nearest exit route.

You should not hesitate in this particular situation because things happen in a matter of seconds, so you have to be completed fast while running to the nearest exit. We recommend you to keep moving and prevent anyone from entering the building when you reach outside.

As soon as you clear yourself from the immediate danger, you should call law enforcement to help you with the problem. If you get shot, you need to know what to do in case of an open wound by clicking here for more information.

2.If You Cannot Run: Hide

Since active shooting is not similar to lockdown, it means that you should find a place where you can hide so that no one can see you and to avoid being in line of fire.

The main problem with this particular guide is that shooter may find you in some situation, which is why you should not be passive during the hiding but use effective ways to do it.

According to law enforcement, you have to escape and keep the shooter out. The best hiding places in the office requires previous planning. The best hiding locations are rooms that feature thick walls and that you can lock from the inside.

Remember that cubicle walls cannot stop a bullet, which means that you will be under risk all the time. Even if you have doors with glass panels, that will increase risk because most offices feature thin drywall, and they are too weak to stop a bullet.

If you do not have rooms with locks inside the office, you need to enter inside and keep them closed by placing as much furniture to the doors to prevent shooter comes inside.

Doors that open inward require barricade with the heavy furniture such as desks, refrigerators and filing cabinets. On the other hand, if you are in office where doors can open outward, you should tie an electrical cord around the handle and pull the hard to keep them closed.

If it features hydraulic arm at the top, you should tie a belt so that the door will not open when someone tries. Have in mind that shooters tend to be opportunistic, which means that when they hold a gun, they will have only one hand to deal with situations.

Still, hiding is the safest option if you cannot run to safety. If your hiding place is on second or first floor, you should think about escaping through a window.

This particular idea may save you even if you hurt yourself on the way down because the ultimate safety happens only at the moment when you are outside the building.

Check this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Survive-a-Public-Shooting and you will learn how to survive a public shooting with ease.

If you have to break windows so that you can escape with ease, we recommend you to use a heavy object and always smash a top corner. You can use a fire extinguisher, chair or any other object that may help you along the way.

Before escaping, you have to clear as much glass as possible and do not forget about hanging glass that will be above you. In case you are on the second floor, we recommend you to swing by your hands from the ledge so that you can reduce the distance of the fall.

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