Top 4 Reasons to Work with a Facebook Ads Agency  

As a modern-day marketer, be it solopreneur or Facebook ads agency, your options are almost limitless, from creating videos and blogging to email marketing, search marketing, list-renting, guerrilla marketing, SEO and even cold-calling, the sky’s the limit! The trick is knowing where to put your limited time, resources, and efforts for the most bang. Most importantly, as we cannot do it all, we have to choose which channels to focus our efforts on.


One of the first channels to pop into your mind will undoubtedly be social media, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. Does that mean you have to throw all your budget at every one of these social platforms? No, it does not. You need to be selective, and for our money, the best value comes from Facebook. Why? Because this platform has over 2.2 billion active monthly users and close to 1.5 billion daily active users. That is a LOT of potential customers in one place. Nowadays, Facebook is a significant part of people’s lives, both for recreation and retail.


There are many good reasons why Facebook is considered one of the top advertising channels available online today. Facebook ads can be hugely successful if you take the time to master the intricate art that is creating Facebook ads. If you don’t have that time or in-house skill, consider working with an agency to give you the added expertise and knowledge you require to conquer the Internet. Let’s look at just four reasons why working with a Facebook ads agency is a great idea.


1) Simple Set-Up & Fast Results


When you work with the pros, set-up time and results come thick and fast. These experienced marketers don’t mess about and know exactly what to do to get results. All you need to do is provide them with detailed information about your product/service, your key demographics, competitor details, goals (i.e., direct leads, website clicks, app downloads, etc.) budget limits and they’ll do the rest.


2) Audience Reach


As we mentioned early, there are a lot of people using Facebook every day, for a variety of different reasons, but predominantly to find information and get answers to questions. An agency can use their skill and experience to reach your ideal audience through sophisticated targeting and retargeting methods. Your precious money is best spent when it’s targeted directly at potential customers who fit your criteria: age, gender, location, interests and so forth.


3) Full Customisation


Any decent ads agency knows that one size doesn’t fit all, and they adjust their campaigns accordingly. Depending on your industry, budget and goals, the agency you work with adapts to suit your needs to attract your perfect audience. They will customise the ad design, copy, landing pages and virtually every element of the campaign, including technical aspects like target audience, bidding, and delivery optimisation.


4) Industry Insights


As a quality Facebook ads agency probably does broader digital marketing than simply Facebook (i.e., they probably do Google ads too), they will be able to use the latest in best practices and platform features on your campaign. Platforms like Facebook are continually rolling out new features and improved functionality, for both advertisers and users alike; staying up to date which such changes can be a full-time job. The beauty of working with an agency is that they do this as a matter of course, so you don’t have to.

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