Understand the Background of Web Browsers Bug Now

Web browsers allow us to connect and share data through the web. If there were no web browsers then it would be quite difficult for us to share the information and connect with others on the web.

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Cross Browser Testing:

Many bugs are found in some popular browsers that can make the display of your website look different from its original.

To fix them, you will first need to find them.

Many such tools are available online that can help you detect such bugs and remove them.

Some of such tools are:

  • Browser stack
  • Cross browser testing by Sauce Labs
  • Litmus
  • BrowseEmAll
  • Browse host
  • TestingBot

Tips to Check Brower Bug:

  • Test it across different browsers. If all browsers displays it working then it is your mistake and there is no issue. Means there is some issue with your code and not with the browser
  • If anyone browser shows some awkward results then you can detect the issue by using any browser bug tracking tools
  • Also, check the error log of your browser’s console
  • You can make use of developer tool to track down the issue
  • You can also set breakpoint and get through your code step by step to identify the real issue
  • Also, check the network tab
  • Make sure your local server’s settings are correct

Layout Bug:

One of the main functions of the browser is to arrange the images and text and display it to users. They are one of the most visible browser bugs.

They are quite small. Only a font addict has the ability to detect them. It matters a lot to the font designers.

Mozilla Bugzilla database consists of almost 10 sections that define the layout problems.

Memory Leaks:

It is quite hard to notice them. This is because they don’t change any properties that are visible to us.

In such cases, the websites render normally but the issue occurs after this loading. The real issue that occurs is that the browser doesn’t clean up. All RAM gets locked because of holding the data structure that would never be structured.

Thus the OS spent a lot of time waiting.


This one is official. Many of us blame adobe flash for crashes that it brought across the web. The thing that changed is that it has officially retired.

Some well-known companies still have false codes on their website pages.

To know about adobe flash getting retired click here.


It is quite difficult to handle different types of touches/ clicks on the modern devices

The tables and phones we have got now have such touch sensors that are quite different from the mouse clicks.

There are many bugs in this area that we aren’t aware of. In some cases, the <select> menu does not work correctly on the iPad.

Sometimes a weird wiggle gets triggered. Thus these things bring up confusion and the actual text and images don’t display correctly.


The aims are always to get the video display simplified to make it more elegant for the users.

  • There are many video bugs and some of them are visible to the users to a great extent too.
  • Some issue is also coming out as the various encryption mechanisms is being integrated into the browsers for the sake of privacy.
  • Adding video tags in HTML has made it a bit easier for the designers to present the video pleasantly but has also opened stage doors for bugs too.


Hovering on screen makes it easier for the users to find any hidden issue in their browsers. Hovering on images can open up man stories too.

The Microsoft edge browser doesn’t have the ability to the hide the cursor in hovering state. While sometimes the hovering state doesn’t come to end. Sometimes it gets linked to the incorrect data.

Malware and Virus:

Many issues come with malware and virus that get into the webpage by different plug-in and extensions.

Extensions have the ability to add codes to the website pages. Although it looks cool too in such cases, some malware code gets inserted into your site.

One of best ways to get rid of this issue it to turn off the extensions on the pages that don’t need them.

API is also used nowadays to fetch data from other areas.

Final Words:

Thus if we want to browse safely and want or websites to be displayed the way they are designed we need to get rid of such browser bugs.

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