4 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories for Your Vacation

Smartphones are more than just a luxury these days and for many are considered something that travelling cannot be done without. Not only are they great for helping us to book flights, accommodation, and keep in touch with our family, for most they are central to recording the many memories that our travels create.

With that in mind, while smartphones alone are a must-have for your travels, there are a number of accessories that are also going to bring many benefits that will enhance what your smartphone can provide.  

A Smartphone Case

Many of you will know that your vacation does not have to be an activity-filled one in order for you to drop and crack the screen of your smartphone. Whether you are mountain climbing, hiking, or simply lying on a towel on a beach somewhere, there is always the chance of you dropping your phone.

This is why a smartphone case is one of the most important phone accessories that you should be using – even when you are not vacationing.

A Selfie-stick

Who doesn’t take pictures when on a vacation? Actually, to keep up with the times it should be, who does not take selfies when on a vacation? Well, most people do and this is why a good quality selfie-stick can come in handy.

There is only so far that our arms can reach so a good quality selfie-stick can really give you the ability to get a bit of range for your shot.

A USB Stick

Then you also have to hope that you have ample storage for all of those selfies that you are going to be taking when on vacation. You might think that you are fine in this regard but you will be surprised at just how many photos you will be taking and how much space they will eventually eat up.

Using a USB stick, or even better, a Photo stick for iPhone and Android devices, you will be able to backup all photos and give yourself some extra space on your device.

A Power Bank

Unless you are planning on spending a lot of time inside a hotel room, you are also going to need an extra power source for your smartphone and other mobile devices. A power bank will allow you to charge your phone on the go and ensure that you are never running out of battery at the most critical times.


Of course, the list could go on as there are plenty of other smartphone accessories that are worth their weight in gold when travelling the world. As well as the power banks and Photo stick mobile devices of this world, you should also consider bringing wall plug converters, Bluetooth speakers, and fitting a screen protector. Once you have what you need, you just know that you are ready for the vacation of a lifetime!


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