Career Opportunities for Computer Science Majors

Pursuing a major in computer science can position you for a wide range of high-paying jobs once you graduate. You have a choice of majors including information technology, computer information systems, cyber security, computer science, all of which represent some of the highest average salaries in the current job market. But one of the biggest misconceptions about these types of majors is that you can only find computer-related employment opportunities. Nothing could be further from the truth as a computer science major also provides you with the tools for getting ahead in a variety of business-related employment positions as well. So you may be interested in taking one of these programs now, but it will prepare you for far more than writing code and working with technology.

Many students who pursue a computer science major have plans on working in the related industries and they do so with the knowledge that when they graduate they will have an ample number of career opportunities to follow. These are just some of the positions that are available for graduates of a computer science program whether you’ve completed Maryville’s masters in cyber security or a bachelor of science at Brandeis University.

Software Application Developer

This position involves the design and customization of computer applications software, evaluating software compatibility, modifying operational efficiency in software applications, and identifies and fixes bugs and other operational errors in software programs. The median annual salary for a software application developer is around $98,000.

Computer Systems Engineer

Working as a computer systems engineer can be an exciting position that requires you to solve complicated applications problems with software and complex computer networks, troubleshoot computer systems of any size, and secure system architecture. This is an important role that many organizations both big and small rely upon to keep their computer infrastructure running smoothly.

Database Administrator

The common duties of a database administrator include the application of security protocols and safeguards to protect highly sensitive data and information, identify and fix errors in computer databases, and conduct tests to assess the operational stability of databases and related software.
Database administrators are in high demand with a projected growth outlook of 15% over the next five years.

Web Developer

The Internet has become such a vital component of our everyday lives, making web developers even more important in just about every industry out there. So many businesses rely on a strong online presence for success these days and a web developer is a critical part of that equation. They write, design, edit, and supervise web content for a company’s website, fix any website issues should it stop operating properly, and they are responsible for backing up all relevant files and other information in the event the website experiences a critical failure or loss of data.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Like I said, it’s not just computers and software with a computer science major. You can be a business intelligence analyst, which involves the analysis of market strategies and consumers’ trends, the collection and auditing of data and reports, and building business intelligence presentations to inform companies of how they can improve their standing in the marketplace.

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