How to use the best mac cleaner to speed up Mac

Macs are great for performance, clocking up several years before requiring a replacement. You can’t still be sure of a steady speed all the time. After all, Macs are machines and destined to slow down over years of use. If your Mac is dropping its speed nowadays, you’re not alone. Web search engines are replete with queries like why is my mac so slow.

Luckily, you can easily speed up Mac by performing some effective tweaks and tricks. For novice Mac users who feel diffident about performing these tweaks by themselves, here’s a trusted and reliable help.

The best mac cleaner

Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, is a powerful tool to clean up and speed up Mac by fixing multiple speed issues, single-handedly. The best mac cleaner removes old and junk cache files, deletes Internet clutter, fixes app freezing and system hang, resolves error messages and unresponsive web browsers, manages the startup, clears up the hard disk drive…you name it.

Troubled by why is my mac so slow? The best mac cleaner will speed up Mac in a matter of minutes.

Free up the hard drive 

The stacks of unused, heavy files and folders like games and movies are nothing but a sheer waste of the free disk space. The wise move will be to sort and remove these items to get rid of issues like why is my mac so slow.

Clearing up hard drive can be a demanding task as so much hidden clutter is also involved. But you can save your efforts by using the best mac cleaner to free up disk space as well as tackle various performance-degrading issues faster and more efficiently.

Clear system cache 

A major reason for issues like why is my mac so slow can be old and junk cache files. Cache consists of all the data you open or download on your Mac. Over time, the list grows, resulting in a Mac running slow.

You can manually find and delete unwanted cache files by going to Finder > Go > Go to Folder. Now, type this:


Now, repeat the process with by typing this: /Library/Caches

By using the best mac cleaner, you won’t have to get into the mess of the complicated cache file deletion. Only a few clicks and the best mac cleaner will wipe out all unnecessary cache file in minutes.

Manage the startup

A slow booting can badly affect your Mac’s overall performance. This happens due to the login items that launch immediately with the startup. By killing heavy and unwanted login or startup items, you can resolve issues like why is my mac so slow. Here’s how:

  • Open System Preferences > Users & Groups > username
  • Head to the “Login Items” tab
  • Select all unwanted login items from the list
  • Click on the ““ button below

A lot of your time can be saved by using the best mac cleaner to speed up Mac startup more efficiently.

Clean up RAM

When you’re out of RAM, your Mac uses the free disk space called virtual memory to store data. This can lead to issues that force you to wonder why is my mac so slow. In order to speed up Mac, you need to clear up RAM. Close all unwanted and currently-running apps and background processes. Apart from this, reload your web browsers afresh and close all useless tabs.

Detecting system use and removing culprit items and processes can be difficult for novice Mac users. Instead, you can take help of the best mac cleaner to tackle such problems like why is my mac so slow on your behalf. Download Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, today to clean up and speed up Mac in a matter of minutes.

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