Important Trends in Big Data That You Need To Know


Businesses today depend on various applications to facilitate day to day operations. This has led to a higher demand for data by business owners. Warehouse administrators take hours to retrieve data from traditional warehouses. Moreover, such data can lower flexibility and navigation. Due to the high cost of storage, scalability is eroded. Format limitations prevent the flexibility of data from traditional warehouses. Data lakes are different from what is in the market. Most data lake solutions consist of extensive data combined with big data. Using this data has numerous benefits for your business. It brings together data from multiple sources and makes it accessible, searchable, and seamless for users. Since it collects data from different sources, it maximizes recovery.

Data Richness

This is the ability to keep and process data from different sources and kinds. You can get data from text, audio, or video. You are not limited by time or space. It allows you to compare information from multiple sources and implement to your business.

User Productivity

It enables users to get data quickly using a search engine. Unlike other options that take a long time before users get what they want, data lake are friendly to use. This allows users to search important information quickly and the system is able to respond to any query.


It can be used in different scenarios and still be successful. It can be used in enterprise search or advanced analytics applications. Affordable and scalable- allows you to scale data quickly as it grows. No licensing is required. Hence you incur no cost.


An interface outlines the boundary between two objects. Every repository has an interface to keep data. Data lake implementation provides means to copy data from one repository to another. Data can flow slowly depending on interfaces. There are limitations which are imposed on the content source. An old system that can only run on an old operating system affects the process. Network bandwidth also affects the speed of the flow.

It is vital to know the limitations that crop up when implementing data lake. It informs of implementation options and things to avoid. For example, old sources only offer one interface for integration, and you should be harmed. In case you have options, understand the challenges and elements offered by each. You can use a software development kit to implement data lake. It is a set of software tools that can be used for different purposes. It allows you to do things by yourself. Alternatively, you can use third-party crawlers.

There are several frameworks and products that you can use to get data from multiple sources since data interfacing is not a new requirement. It can be implemented using a direct approach, but it should be configured rather than building. Although every case is unique, you should opt for data solution that is scalable, stores and processes data, integrates with existing features of IT architecture. You can choose other technologies to adopt a data lake. However, it is important to know how to bypass the challenges they pose. Factors that influence the choice of technologies used include the types of data to be kept and processed, scalability, and zones of the data lake.

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