Reach Out For Success with CSPO Training

CSPO or Certified Scrum Product owner course offers an in-depth understanding of Scrum from a Product Owner perspective. It is an agile project management method that is employed for short, focused work periods called ‘Sprints’. It validates one’s Scrum expertise to serve as an effective product owner of a Scrum team. A Certified Scrum Product Owner is an important member of the Scrum Team. By undergoing CSPO Certification, you can improve product value, lead Scrum teams, ensure stakeholder satisfaction, be in charge of delivering the product and maximise project RoI.


The CSPO Certification from Scrum Alliance will consolidate your basic agile management skill towards analysing projects critically, collaborate with stakeholders and achieve the best results out of a challenging job. This much sought after course is a validation of your commitment to achieving excellence in the field of Agile by embracing the best practices of Scrum and Agile methodologies. There is an increasing demand for CSPO experts among Fortune 500 companies. Aspiring professionals who want to expand their career opportunities and earning potential should consider taking up this course.


This 2-day Certified Scrum Product Owner Training would sharpen your technical skills as well as understanding to better utilise Scrum in a variety of environments. Our highly experienced trainers are certified and will train you with industry-relevant skills to be an effective Product Owner and address job challenges. This Certification helps in giving you a unique opportunity to engage with a community of recognised Scrum experts, access local groups, resources and networks that are available exclusively for Scrum Alliance members. A Certified Scrum Product Owner professional can easily boost product owner capabilities through practical learning, maximise the end product quality and ensure on-time delivery of the product within budget.


Zeolearn offers an intensive classroom-based live training. The training covers the core components of the Scrum framework, roles and responsibilities of a Product owner, scrum master and team role. The CSPO course will strengthen improve your ability to conceptualise the product. Post this training you will be able to estimate better in Scrum while grooming and prioritising product backlog, your release management in addition to your ability to collaborate with the team as a. product owner and understanding of team commitment will see some positive improvements.


Zeolearn is a Global Registered Education Provider of Scrum Alliance. It’s uniquely structured course focuses on mentoring aspirants towards professional and business success. Basic knowledge of Agile methodology and tools is a prerequisite of attending this course. The dedicated instructors of Zeolearn have recognised the challenges involved in the enterprises and know what it needs to overcome them in this dynamic corporate field. All registered students can get a downloadable copy of the course content. Depending on the training location and the size of the group, you can get discounts on the date and time as per your requirement.


CSPO Certification is a globally recognised training provided by Zeolearn Academy. Maximise your career prospects by taking up this on-demand course and strive to become an entrepreneur of your own company.

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