Roles of Embedded Systems in Current Technology

An embedded system is a piece of computer technology that was created from multiple other parts, and it has a limited number of problems that it can solve. Embedded systems could not be changed easily, compared to a general-purpose computer that has many uses, and have many capabilities. It restricts the technology to cope with the changes in the user’s jobs, but it is still widely used in the industry. The appearance of an embedded system is drastically different from a standard computer because it does not have any accessories like the mouse, keyboard, or the monitor. However, it has processors which can run a software program or an input and an output process. Embedded systems are built into larger systems, and they are used mostly in controlling a larger device.


Frequently, the technology can be found inside an elevator system. The embedded systems in an elevator determine the floor where it should move, depending on the button that was selected. Another example of an integrated system can be found on the television systems which use satellites. When real-time programming is interrupted, the signal will produce a bad image. Most of the time, the embedded system contributes to helping the television signal restore the image.


Embedded systems have been a part of the 21st-century life. It is used extensively in most technologies and devices today. The system is installed in vehicles to do specific functions, and it can also be found in hotels managing door locks. The size of an object does not matter, be it small or large. MP3 players and digital cameras are using the embedded systems despite its small size, while larger devices like traffic lights, factory assembly lines, and even the airplane are also using the system.


One of the most common features associated with a Winsystems embedded systems is an embedded system’s ability to do tasks in a short period, which is considered to be “instantly” from the point of view of a human. The systems should also be safe and reliable, because human lives are at risk if they would start to malfunction, just like in airplanes where the system is installed in the controllers. Embedded systems also come as an individual piece or as a whole device, and they could communicate with each other by using the internet. Many devices rely on these systems to function correctly, and some devices that fall under the category of embedded systems continue to multiply.


Telephones, Wi-Fi routers, cellphone signals, and other telecommunication systems use the embedded system for convenient use. Consumer electronics are also used with the system to function correctly. Even household appliances are installing embedded systems for tasks which involve the pushing of a button to control the system. The transportation industry and the manufacturing industry are also using the system to function normally. The health industry and the military sector are also enjoying the benefits of these systems.

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