The B6Z File Extraction Solution

Computer users around the world are distributing files daily through email and on the web. Often times many files must be combined together and compressed into one for ease of delivery. Most people use the zip format for this, but because of the limitations, more and more are starting to move towards the b6z file format.

B6Z compressed file format is the modern replacement for zip and rar. This is because the compression ratio is so much higher, over 50 percent better than the next best available compression. The magic of the compression is in the use of multiple algorithms within the same file to minimize the size of different pieces of data. Some data can be compressed better or worse with different algorithms depending on the entropy and characteristics of specific chunks of the files.

The top software that everyone is using to extract b6z files is B6Zip, which is an open source free software released under the GNU GPL. B6Zip is available for macOS computers and integrates into the default file associations so that opening a b6z file is as simple as double clicking it. Although Mac contains native support for zip files, b6z is a newer file format that has not yet been integrated into all operating systems. In the future, it is expected that this may change and you will not have to use B6Zip. Though we recommend this utility as it can also extract many other types of file archive formats that are not supported by Apple.

How do you use B6Zip?

This is quite possibly the easiest software to use and install. Simply go to the official website and download the setup and install it. Opening it for the first time will let you choose the file type associations that you would like B6Zip to handle. You can have it extract every file archive format such as zip and rar, or just b6z. Once you have set the file extension associations, anytime you double click on such a file in the Finder, the archive will automatically be extracted to the current directory. Right clicking the file and choosing Extract with B6Zip will allow you to choose a destination directory optionally.

Advantages of the b6z archive format

Another key element of the modern b6z file archive format is that it supports strong encryption through the use of state of the art AES256 symmetrical cipher. Not only is the file data encrypted through a strong passphrase but the file metadata is encrypted as well, which means no one will be able to see what type of files are compressed, their names, or dates. This is essential for privacy advocates because the regular zip file format does not encrypt the metadata and uses a very weak cipher suite that is susceptible to brute force attacks.

Based on our experiences with using the B6Zip app, we can only recommend it as not only the solution to opening modern b6z file archives but also for its speed and support for dozens of other popular archive file types.

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