The dark side returns to the big screen

On December 15, the expected eighth installment of the Star Wars universe opens. The last Jedi land in the rooms with the hope of destroying the box office just as we approach the start of the holidays. Despite being the most anticipated screening of this weekend, we can not leave aside other interesting moviescounter films that come together today as the Argentine drama about prostitution Alanis and the Spanish documentary about the economic crisis of 2008 Many children, a monkey and a castle, nominated for the Goya.

Two years after Episode VII: The awakening of force, fans of the saga devised by George Lucas will discover what relationship King, Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren have after the young warrior found the Jedi master’s whereabouts in the lonely island of Ahch-To. Skywalker returns now to recover the protagonism but this time without apex of fun in his face, which has become more taciturn and tortured by bearing the weight of past mistakes.

In this second installment of the final trilogy, by Rian Johnson, the evil First Order has become more powerful and has on the ropes the Resistance led by General Leia Organa, embodied by the ill-fated Carrie Fisher. Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill and Adam Driver are accompanied by Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern, Gwendoline Christie, Kelly Marie Tran, Lupita Nyong’o, Anthony Daniels and Andy Serkis.

The ultimate map of the Star Wars Series universe: the key to understanding the saga and The Last Jedi


This Argentine drama filmed by Anahi Berneri focuses on a sex worker , the mother of a small child, who will have to face numerous problems to gain a foothold in a society that turns its back on her .
A delicate subject that the director’s camera treats without sentimentality and with a multitude of nuances to approach naturally the world of prostitution. Both the director and the main actress, Sofía Gala, were honored for their work in the last edition of the San Sebastian festival.

2.Many children, a monkey and a castle

Gustavo Salmeron writes and directs this crazy comedy about his mother , a woman who has fulfilled her dream of having a large family, a monkey and a castle and who is now facing a terrible economic crisis. The documentary about this vital whirlwind is a candidate for the Feroz for the best comedy and best documentary in the Goya.

3.The nativity scene was armed

From the United States comes this animated film set in Christmas about a small but courageous little bull that, tired of his routine existence in the town, undertakes with other animals a trip to fulfill the adventure of his dreams. Timothy Reckart’s film has been nominated for the best original song in the Golden Globes.

4.A kind of family

The second Argentine production of the billboard presents us with Barbare Lennie converted into a middle class doctor who is about to finish the process of adopting a baby. However, in the final stretch she will have to face unforeseen difficulties that will make her wonder how far she is able to reach due to her desire to be a mother.

5.Exchange for Christmas

Andersen is a carpenter who loves Christmas and who strives to ensure that his three children have the perfect Christmas holidays . Everything changes when it collides with the real Santa Claus and both decide to exchange their papers. Entertaining and short Norwegian family comedy starring Thor Michael Aamodt and Anders Baasmo Christiansen.

6.Life passage

Chino Darín and Miguel Angel Sola recreate the different stages of Miguel, the protagonist of this Argentine thriller by Diego Corsini, from his youth as a militant in the 70s in the company of his lover Diana, his escape to Spain to save his life, and the conflict with your child who wishes to move to another country.

7.The wound

South African production set in Johannesburg that tells the intense story of a worker who participates with other men in his community in a traditional initiation rite for young people who are in their late teens: they will be circumcised and then “prepared” for the life of a real man.
This homosexual drama by John Trengove was recognized as the best feature free film downloads of the Cinema Jove festival in Valencia.

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