6 Ways to Improve Your SEO

More traffic to your website means more potential clients for your business. Organic (natural) backlinks rank high on search engines; thus, they are the supreme choice for linking. Here are some tips for the best methods on creating backlinks.

Learn how to Search

Search engine operators help to find exactly what you are looking (querying) for.

  • AND – The AND modifier mustbe capitalized; otherwise, the search engine will treat the word as part of a phrase. Example Search: pizza AND stones.
  • OR – The OR modifier must be capitalized, as well. Example Search: pizza stone OR stone pizza.
  • – (Subtract modifier) – The subtract modifier will remove a Search from the result. Example Search: pizza stone – jewelry.
  • “” (Quotation modifier) – The quotation modifier instructs a search engine to perform an exact match. Example Search: “stone pizza”
  • inurl:query – The inurl:query returns results of a query in your url. Example Search: inurl:Cast Elegance

Searching, by using operators, allows the finding of more obscure results, such as: query specific answers related to link building (link lists).

Try this in a search engine: “pizza stones” AND “round” AND “square” – “jewelry”

We are omitting the result of jewelry from our search. Furthermore, our search will contain the keywords: pizza stones; round; square.

What is a Natural Link?

A natural (organic) link is not associated to solicitation; that is, the link is viewed by a search engine as being placed naturally.

For example, let’s say a pizza company buys pizza stones from Cast Elegance. To show their customers the high quality of stones they use and where these stone come from, they place a link to the website belonging to Cast Elegance.

Cast Elegance has just received a natural link; thus, search engines will treat this as a high-quality link.

Creating One-Way Backlinks

This is a method involving broken links. This is a very good way in attaining organic links. By finding broken links in your related field, you must use the search engine modifiers discussed, previously.

  • Your keyword + links (type in the format:“pizza stones” AND “links”)
  • Your keyword + resources (format:“pizza stones” AND “resources”)
  • Keywords inurl:links (format:inurl:Cast Elegance)

The plugin for Google Chrome, check my links, is a powerful tool that allows us to check any websites for 404 links. 404 links are those links which are broken. Once you have done this, contact the webmaster of the site. Tell them about the broken links. Be courteous and professional. You might consider giving them alternative choices; a link back to you site, and etc.


Infographics are becoming a widely popular method for gaining backlinks. Search and find what is trending in relation to what you are selling (e.g. pizza stones, round pizza stones, square pizza stones, custom pizza stones, and etc.) Your infographic will contain data gathered from these results.

  • Gather data
  • Build visual representation of the data (infographics).
  • Make the data easy to share.
  • Submit to infographic list sites.

Internal Links

Building internal links allows for easy user experience; as well as, creating SEO-friendly environment. When users enjoy navigation on a site, there is a higher chance for them to place a link back to that site.

  • Keep linking structure clean
  • Stay under one-hundred links, per page.

Social Media

Become active in social media. Completely build your profile (phone number, name, address, email address, and etc.). This is a great way to receive natural links.

  • Do not ask for links, bad mistake. Engage with the people.
  • Remain active.
  • Do not spam.

Guest Blogging and Testimonials

Invite people to write within a guest spot on your site. Make sure they have a large following, and are relative to what you are selling.

  • Guest blogging. Invite someone to write, as a guest on your website.
  • Testimonials – Utilize the sites you are part of. Use this as an opportunity to write testimonials concerning your business.

The most important aspect, of building backlinks, is to remain patient and stay diligent. Using the tools given, combined with this practice, will return excellent results.

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