Reliability Is Now A Factor In SEO

With all the on-going changes to SEO, many webpreneurs still question, is the journey to Google’s page one still the same? Is there anything done differently these days? According to the experts at Victorious, the fundamentals of search engine optimization hasn’t changed, but there have been additions to the rule.

Reliability Impacts SEO

The reliability of a site has become a key element in moving up to page one. Websites that have transformed from an HTTP protocol into HTTPS with an SSL certificate now receives a major boost. One advantage of an SSL certificate is that visitors have a safe and secure web environment, that protects sensitive information.

What Is SSL Protocol?

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol protects the information between the website and the visitor and has become vital for e-commerce sites. During the journey from the browser to the server, the information sent is vulnerable. This is when hackers have the opportunity to extract the data that is transmitted.

With the use of SSL the channel is secured, making it much more difficult for a hacker to be able to extrapolate and decrypt the data and information exchanged. Generally, an SSL certificate is absolutely necessary when billing information (name, address, credit card number, e-mail and other) or other sensitive personal information is entered on a website’s pages.

However, all sites with an active SSL certificate are also receiving a more favorable ranking on Google search pages. Developers have pointed out that Google Chrome has shown HTTP sites as “unsafe” and this is a major downfall in ranking.

The Impact Of Adding SSL To Your Site

By activating an SSL certificate you have two effects on the site:

  • The “HTTP” address of the internet browser becomes “HTTPS”, such as ““. The letter “S” stands for “secure”. In addition, a lock icon appears even if the site does not contain unsafe content.
  • The latest-generation browsers also show a color if the website is reliable. Organizations that depend on security can also have their sites reviewed and validated by licensed impartial companies called certification authorities. These rigorous reviews ensure that the website is reliable and that it uses a secure connection.

SSL certificates offers websites more visibility and better positioning on search engines. And users that see the lock are more confident about the site they are browsing, and this represents an important return in terms of image.

Installation of SSL certificates are simple, and there are a wide range of guides to help, but before switching to an HTTPs website, consider all the factors that could ruin your project. For example, all your URLs will change, and you may have to redirect some old addresses to new ones, including some of your images. There are several dos and don’ts before proceeding with an SSL installation, and different guidelines if you are building a new website or have an established one.

There are tutorials and programs to help you, but the simplest approach is allowing experts to help with the migration.

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