From Your Drivers to Your Clients – Who Do You Reach with Your Trucking Social Media?

Social media is an effective tool used by businesses to connect with their audience and potential clients. Having a large online presence is a competitive advantage in today’s market, and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the most commonly used. LinkedIn is also another example of platforms that could also be utilized for trucking social media.

Knowing which platforms to use and how to use them can be confusing, especially for trucking companies that are only beginning to make the most of their social media accounts. Understanding who the audience is can be a powerful piece of information that could unlock the potential of a company’s online accounts.

Simply put, the intended audience a social media account is trying to reach can dictate the way a social media account will behave online.

Reaching the audience for trucking social media platforms

Social media is an appealing tool to use in a digital marketing strategy because of its versatility. For a trucking company, the content published on their account has a heavy influence on their image and branding but the account can even be tapped for other uses like recruitment and sharing valuable information for the community like data that would assist drivers on the road.

Having a company social media account that effectively engages users and is a consistent source for information should also have an active community with similar interests. When paired with a successful online presence and large network, social media can be used to recruit new employees. However, it depends first on how well the social media account reflects the company brand and if the content is interesting to the audience.

The first audience a trucking company should consider connecting with are drivers. Many people are on their phones to help with tasks for their jobs and drivers are no exception because communication is essential for them to receive safety alerts and other important updates especially while on the road. Reaching out to drivers and tailoring content that would appeal to their interests establishes the company that owns the account as a reputable source of information and sets them up as a professional business that drivers could potentially work for.

Growing a social media network can take time especially without much prior experience curating a public account. Useful information relevant to the industry is a great type of content to post because it shows that the company is professional and provides a reliable service that customers can trust. By focusing on bringing the online community the information they need, the audience will perceive the account as a trustworthy source and encourage more users to engage with the company as potential clients.

The transportation industry is an essential business that can stand to improve its practices with the use of social media, and utilizing effective trucking social media can bring a company the edge they need to stand out from the competition.

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