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Dozens of iPhone are being repaired each day. If the front glass is broken, or you need to replace the screen, if the back is broken, if you dropped the phone in the toilet (it happens quite often) or you have another problem with the phone, there are 99.9% chances that the technicians on this website can fix it. With excellent skill and precision, qualified specialists can repair your iPhone most often on the spot. They make sure the devices are properly repaired and keep you up to date with every step of the repair.

Does your phone not open? Does it have a lag? Do you close applications or do not provide a response time according to its specifications? Then surely it’s a software problem. For any such issues, our service assists regardless of provider, network operator or iOs.

The most common problems encountered:

  • problems with phoning (microphone)
  • problems due to phone sensor failure
  • non-functional buttons (such as Home or Power), or that work otherwise than they should
  • sound playback (speaker) problems
  • problems with the capacitive surface
  • the network operator’s signal is weak
  • problems with WiFi connections
  • reduced battery life
  • various lags, moments when the phone stops responding
  • problems with touchscreen, issues that do not work on certain portions
  • inactivity of the handsfree option
  • it does not open anymore
  • operating system failure reports
  • other non-functional buttons (volume up, volume down, etc.)
  • unjustified blockages of applications
  • not downloading downloaded applications

Among the iPhone repair solutions offered are:

– Repair/replacement of the camera, antenna protection, speaker. See more here.

– Repairs / replacement of connection system + internal wiring

– Home button replacement + internal cable

– Replace light sensor + flexible internal cable, the antenna sticker

– Wireless system cable replacement, display, display protection

– Display replacement

– Replace the light sensor and flexible internal cable

– Original display: Mounting included with all original parts

iPhone Repair Software:

– Installing applications

– GPS installation

– Activation

– Save, transfer or back-up contacts

– Decoding (never locked / software / Gevey)

– Resoftare

– Software Bareback

– Upgrade iOS

– Downgrade iOS

How do I know when I need to get my iPhone repaired?

Below we present some other issues that you can find on the phone, in which case you need to know that it needs repairs:


– speaker defects in various standard applications

– noise issues caused by noise reduction (noises are heard, or no sound is heard at all)

– the sound level (of the microphone) is too low

– Problems in using the speaker function


– The battery does not power when connected via USB

– issues such as non-payment of orders for finished batteries

– The battery keeps too little

– the device does not turn on at all, or just the lightning plug connected

– after a period of time when the phone was connected to a power source, it does not display charging results


– Differences of brightness on certain pixels

– screen tearing on the phone display

– some portions of the screen are not displayed

– the display does not respond according to the position of the phone (e.g., a video does not enter fullscreen mode)

– different screen brightness related features

– display issues for calls

Touch feature:

– the inability to use functions that involve more than one thing

Physical buttons

– the on / off button does not put the phone in standby at a simple push

– The Home Screen button does not respond or responds delayed

Photo / Video applications:

– does not respond to orders and displays a black screen

– lack of response time when focusing

– Complete the default camera application


– Button headphones work otherwise than it should

– Bluetooth headset cannot connect to the phone

Network operator:

– unrecognized network operator on Sim card

Check this out: https://www.lifewire.com/repair-options-cracked-iphone-screen-2000276


– Proximity sensors do not work

Do you have a problem with the display or any other part of the iPhone / Ipad and do not have time to go to service? We are the solution! We diagnose the problem, we solve it, but most importantly, we come wherever you are (office, cafe, home) and we solve on the spot!

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