Mobile-Friendly Websites: Why You Need It

You must be wondering what the buzz about mobile-friendly websites is all about. A significant percentage of businesses have embraced the idea of digital marketing. This has led to an increase in the number of business websites going live. Entrepreneurs are working with web design Malaysia experts to create an online presence, especially on the site engines.

Some businesses have received good tidings from this move. Unfortunately, not all of them have reaped the benefits of having a website. One of the reasons for the setbacks is that they do not have mobile responsive websites. Here are the reasons why having a mobile responsive website is so critical.

  1. More than half of the internet traffic is mobile

One of the primary reasons why your site should be user-friendly for mobile is because almost everyone is using a smartphone. Over half of the queries on search engines originate from mobile devices. What does this mean? If your site is not friendly, you are missing out on the more significant share of traffic. Note that the more traffic you get, the more the leads, conversions, and sales.

  1. It will boost your visibility

The user experience has a significant impact on how visible your website will be in the digital space. Visitors will spend more time on a user-friendly website. This leads to a high-dwell time and a low bounce rate. The two are some of the algorithms that search engines use to rank sites.

Also, the more a visitor stays on your page, the more likely they are to come across something shareable. A top position on the search results and more shares improve the visibility of your brand.

  1. Builds credibility

The credibility of a business has a lot to do with earning a customer’s loyalty. No one wants to work with a brand that does not care about the experience of its customers. One of the channels through which you can exhibit your value for your audience is by having an excellent design. A professional in web design Kuala Lumpur can help you earn the trust of your existing and prospective customers.

With a mobile-friendly website, customers will be confident to refer you to other people who might be interested in your products.

  1. It gives you a competitive edge

A slow-loading website is one of the characteristics of a site that is not mobile-friendly. Note that a visitor will exit your page if it takes more than 7 seconds to load. To prevent your customers from leaving your site and going to your competitor, make your site mobile friendly.

Purpose to make your website mobile-friendly, to ensure that your customers have a memorable experience on your page.

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