5 Tips On How To Find The Right PPC Agency in New York

Short for Pay-Per-Click advertising, PPC is arguably the best digital marketing method for almost any intention. Whether it’s to brand a company, get more clients, or push out a business deal, PPC can do all of that and more. In fact, it can do all of these things in a fraction of the price compared to traditional marketing methods. Speaking of traditional marketing, while still effective, they are not nearly as powerful as digital marketing methods such as PPC. That being said, it can get quite frustrating when deciding which PPC agency to go to as a business owner. This is more so the case in a crowded and competitive place such as New York. With this in mind, let’s take a look at 5 tips on how to find the right PPC agency in such a competitive industry.

Tip #5: Checking/Asking For Case Studies & Work History

To continue the example of the New York digital marketing scene, a Quick Google search for the keywords, “New York PPC Agency“, is sure to bring up hundreds of results. Most business owners get frustrated at this very point. However, one effective way to differentiate a good agency from a bad one is by researching their work history. Even more effective than that is meeting with the desired PPC agency and asking for a case study. This is a first-hand method to see how they work, how fast they can provide results, and if they are good at all.

Tip #4: What Is Thier Account Budget Limit

One of the main issues many business owners have with PPC agencies is that most of them only like to take on accounts with bigger budgets. While this is great for large business owners, we can see how frustrated it can leave smaller or local business owners. That said, a quick way to eliminate a large portion of PPC agencies is by looking at their account budget limit. If it’s in the smaller range, it’s worth giving them another look.

Tip #3: Make Sure They Offer More Than Just PPC Services

One important thing we have to consider is that many PPC agencies like to focus solely on PPC services. This leads to two main factors. One, it can result in that agency being very good at PPC. Two, it usually means they have little to no experience with other digital marketing methods such as SEO. Worth noting, it’s important to be able to transition in and out of PPC & SEO methods to grow as a business. So, if an agency is only a PPC agency, consider looking at other agencies that offer a wide range of digital marketing methods

Tip #2: Make Sure They Provide Monthly Account Updates

In a lot of ways, this tip is a no-brainer. It is crucial for a PPC agency to be able to provide monthly or quarterly updates on an account. Without these updates, a business owner is unable t know if the services they are paying for are actually paying off. If they don’t provide these updates, that should be a huge red flag.

Tip #1: Do You Feel They Can Work With The Company, Not For It?

Perhaps the most important tip to choosing the right PPC agency in a place like New York is to feel them out. In other words, an agency has to give off the impression that they are going to work with a business and not for it. This allows for a win-win situation for both parties involved. Synergy is the key to success for the business owner and the PPC agency.

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