Bench Test Instruments In Electronic Engineering With Promotion

For designing new products or working in between the equipment, there is always a need for electrical measuring and testing tools and devices. Keysight technologies products always make you the perfect electronic engineer with advanced and new technology in hand to serve the best for the users. It is the worldwide electronic measurement company with the best electronic tools and devices needed to transform today’s measurement experience. Time to time keysight provides offers on the products worth buying the tool and devices for the new designing.

Special promotion by keysight technologies:

Purchase a selected Keysight Bench Test Instrument and claim a complimentary U1233A Handheld Digital Multimeter with your purchase. Qualified products: Digital Multimeter: 34465A, 34470A Waveform Generator: 33511B, 33512B, 33521B, 33522B, 33611A, 33612A, 33621A, 33622A Modular Power Supply Mainframes: N6702C, N6705C. Promotion is valid from July 1, 2019, until March 31, 2020! you can easily have your handheld digital multimeter with your selected keysight bench test instruments.

In this article, we are going to have some bench test instruments used in electronic engineering, but before buying some consideration while purchasing is needed. The equipment that meets your needs and explores how bench test instrument evolves as skills and requirements become more advanced should be picked wisely.


Considered for the students and hobbyists. Here the point is instruments are like that which do not create any disturbance while working. For the basic bench test instrument, handheld multimeter offers several benefits:

  • Portability and accuracy
  • Easier to read
  • Are better than the analog counterpart

Before having one considers the capability of measuring the temperature and root mean square. Power supply and soldiering stations should also be picked wisely. For the basic bench tools, it is recommended to have the switch-mode DC power supply as they are lighter and more compact. The primary soldering station should include the power unit, soldering pencil, stand, and sponge. An oscilloscope is an instrument needed while testing, but it is expensive, so it is recommended to have a portable model if only required.


A mid-range multimeter is opted by the professionals as well as the advancing students to troubleshoot the problems and fix electronics. These mid-range instruments are specific to an application or technology area. The mid-range multimeter has a dual display and better resolution, capabilities to measure the frequency, statistics, and periods.

While choosing the mid-range power supplies and soldering station, consider the types of tests. The mid-range soldiering station has additional features and capabilities. As Mid-range oscilloscope has a high bandwidth, it is the fundamental difference between the primary and mid-range oscilloscope.


These are used by the design engineers, electronic professionals, and technicians who guarantee their work. Here the instruments are specialized in their applications as the mid-range devices have the features, input, and output for high volume, and multiple uses like that this group of the instrument has dedicated features with the highest precision.

Key test equipment is always needed in electronic engineering, so opting the best will work in having the best testing results.

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