How to buy light indicators for machines?

Light indicators are quick and easy ways to determine the status of machines to ensure their efficient working throughout a factory. With indicator light, employees know the actual current status of a machine and decide faster about the proper working of that machine. To help and alert operators of various machine conditions this light indicator solution is a must.

With their big bright designs, the indicator light provides a uniform and extremely bright light that indicates the machine status. Light indicators are mainly used in some mechanical equipment or the circuit to alarm and monitor the operation status of that machine. These highly visible indicator lights assure better visual management by allowing machine operators to check machine status quickly and monitor machine processes constantly. These indicator lamps are usually available with red, green, yellow, blue, and white colors and every color indicates different efficiency states of a machine.

  • RED: indicates machine fault or any working failure
  • GREEN: indicates the normal working process and good working condition
  • YELLOW: a sign of warning about overheated or overpressure conditions
  • BLUE: It indicates the need for external help such as maintenance or scheduling assistance or need for raw material.
  • WHITE: it is a neutral kind of light and its working can be defined by every user to some specific conditions.


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