True Or False? It’s Safer to Browse On A MacBook Than On A PC

The Internet is not a safe place to browse if you don’t have any safety measures installed. Apple’s overhyped reputation for security and safety has been the talk of the town these days. Not that long ago, a bug was found on the Apple operating system that has permitted a malicious program to take full control of the Mac OS.

There were also some reports of a susceptibility in the firmware of Mac OS that allowed infections to pass Mac OS through Thunderbolt accessories. Not just Apple but Microsoft Windows has suffered from periodic security flaws since past few years. But Apple is historically claimed for its safe and more secure platform. Let us throw some light on this claim.

Both Macs and PCs have a lot of security bugs

When talking about security flaws, both Windows, as well as OS X, have a tie-in between them. They are both equally prone to security threats. But security system vulnerabilities regarding OS was only 13 percent as compared to the overall reported system security issues. Due to this reason, most of the hackers are not targeting the OS anymore. Recently Apple had added some new encryption and security features in its recent release of “X EI Captain” OS.

Macs’ major security asset is fundamental economics. They are a lot safer since they are less likely to be aimed by cyber attacks. Hackers are aiming Windows since there are many more devices out there running it. This is why OS X easily wins, in general, the claim of a safer browsing experience. But if you are really looking for a good browsing security you should know already that using a VPN is always a safer way to access the Internet without letting your identity known to the public. It helps the user to hide their individuality and protect themselves from the bad intent of malicious hackers. Download VPN for Mac systems to make your internet activities secure and protected from all types of threats.

Web plugins and browsers are the prime targets

A web browser is the entry point to the world of the World Wide Web but also it is a backdoor for malicious hackers. Visiting a website that runs a malicious code can infect a computer. You can get infected even by visiting a purely legit website with malicious animated ads that makes its way into the automated networks that are placed on Web pages.

With Mac, you get better customer service

In cases when your Mac OS breaks, you can take it to a nearby Apple store. There are several trained professionals who can help you out with the problem. There are not much Microsoft repair stores when compared to Mac, get your macbook finance here. As Microsoft does not manufacture all of its handsets on its own, it may need to send the damaged piece back to the manufacturer for repair work.


Security is much more than the operating system itself. But if by comparing OS X Vs Windows on an overall hackability, Apple OS X was found to be a little more secure than Microsoft Windows. The safest OS is the one that is executed by an informed user who is aware of what to install, and what to remove. When considering the above points, we can see Mac OS definitely wins the race and it is the best choice for people who value safety over any other feature.

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