Why Satellite Internet is Becoming a Better Choice

Satellite internet has improved greatly over the past few years and it keeps getting better. While people used to dread having to use the service, fast satellite internet oh is becoming more and more common and affordable. Satellite internet is one of the most popular choices in rural areas of the United States for some very good reasons.


While satellite may not offer speeds as fast as some of the other internet options, its speeds are becoming more and comparable with each passing year and technology upgrade. Before satellite one of the only options for those in rural areas was dial-up internet access. Dial-up may be more widely available than other internet options but it can only reach top speeds of 56 kbps as opposed to satellite speeds that can sometimes top more than 100 Mbps.

Large Service Area

While there are faster internet services out there, many of them do not reach the rural areas where many satellite subscribers reside. Even customers who can access DSL sometimes have problems with speed especially if they reside near the outskirts of the service area. You don’t really have to worry about not being in the right service area for satellite as the data is streamed from the satellites that are constantly orbiting around the Earth. It can be found almost anywhere and can also travel with you if you happen to travel the country in a recreational vehicle.

It’s Easy to Setup

Fiber optic internet has been gaining momentum in recent years, but it isn’t available in many places that are located out of the city. Installing the infrastructure in new areas is quite expensive and most small towns are unable to afford it. Fortunately for satellite internet, there isn’t a large system that needs to be installed in order to access it. The only thing that you need on your property to get online is a satellite dish that is usually installed by a professional to ensure the best signal possible.

The most important part of satellite internet is out of this world, literally. The satellites that provide the signal to your satellite are orbiting almost 23,000 miles over the Earth in an orbit, about 1/10 of the distance to the moon. When the signal reaches the satellite dish on your property it is sent to a router which can then feed the signal into your computer or other electronic devices.

There are some limitations to satellite, one being that your data is usually capped each month. In addition, there can be considerable delays called latency which occurs when the data is being transferred from your electronic device to the satellite that is orbiting thousands of miles above the Earth and vice-versa. For most users, this delay isn’t usually that noticeable unless they are playing networked games that require quick timing. Over the years, issues with latency have improved dramatically making satellite internet a viable option for gamers who want to play in rural areas.

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