Why You Should Monitor Your Children’s Social Media

The social networking apps are one of the popular platforms these days. The fame of these fabulous social messaging apps is on the rise and the young kids and teens are the most frequent users. They use these social media apps and websites more than anyone else and they do plenty of activities all day long and always seem busy by gazing the screens of their smartphone devices. They do text messages make free calls, shared media files in the shape photos and videos and do VOIP calls.  If we look these activities they may seem very normal and one of the best time spending activities. But in reality, these activities can harm young generation no time ever before. Today we discuss why you should monitor your children’s social media apps activities to the fullest, otherwise, teens may trap into trouble and the vulnerabilities may exploit the lives of your young generation. There are following evils social messaging apps have these days that can put your children in real dangers.


You may be familiar with the term stalking, they are the ones who always in the search of young kids and teens by visiting the instant messengers such Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Zalo, Instagram and plenty of others alike. Social media is not safe for teens, they make teens friends initially and then force them to have the date in real life and then come to their real wishes that could be sexual most of the time.

Online bullies

Cyber bullies are the people who are mentally frustrated and they always looking for the people that become their victims to release their grudges and tensions and often become their source of pleasure. They usually use sexual and abusive language and send sexual images, harassing content and as well as racist language in order to make fun of the victim. Online and real-life bullying has the same effects. The victim may go into the deep depression and anxiety and even in some cases; victims have tried to commit suicide.

Sexual predators

They chase young kids and teens on social media apps and websites and ask for the friendship and show their fake identity and snaps in order to engage the target. Once they got teens into their trap by behaving gently they suddenly show their interest to meet kids and teens in the real life. This thing may go bad for the young teenagers and they commit to meet them in real life at the place of sexual predators choosing. They don’t meet young kids and teens at the place of their choosing having dark motives in the mind. Once the teens commit to meet and act on it, there are number cases have been reported where they gang-raped by the people and even most of the time lost their lives.

Health issues

Obviously when kids and teens use the social media apps all day long on sending and receiving text messages, calls, media files and others and don’t participate in real life with their friends and family members. They get social media obsession, their health starts declining and they may get plenty of health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and other mental and sleeping disorders.

Blind Dates through social Apps

Blind dates are also very popular these days, young kids and teens are so excited to have their first date with the same or the opposite gender. Parents should use monitoring app to monitor teen’s social media,  They search the same age people on the social messaging apps and then want to have the date in real life without having the prior information of their un-seen supposedly boyfriend and girlfriend and these blind dates often ends with the heartbroken and cheating stuff.

How to monitor your children Social Media?

Parents should use the technology that has been developed over the years. Now the contemporary technology has the cell phone spying software such as TheOneSpy that allow a user to track all the activities kids and teens do on the phone and on the instant messaging apps with real-time monitoring. A user can use the IM’s social media for the best cell phone spying spyware. It enables a user to view the IM’s logs, IM’s chat, IM’s conversations and shared media files alongside the VOIP calls. This will help out parents to monitor their teen’s activities and protect them from all evils that they are facing in the online world.

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